Compostable Dinner Place Setting - 25 Pack

Compostable Dinner Place Setting - 25 Pack


25 each of our compostable dinner time favorites:

9” Palm Leaf Plate
Birchware Fork, Knife & Spoon
White Linen-Feel Paper Napkin

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From the Leaf & Fiber website:

The fallen fronds of the Areca Leaves are collected, pressure cleaned and sun dried. Then, they are heat pressed to produce the appropriate plate and bowl shapes. That's it. They are now packed and ready to use. No chemicals are used during the entire manufacturing process. Each plate is handmade with care.

Our products are :

  • 100% Natural

  • Compostable

  • Bio degradable

  • Disposable

  • Heatproof

  • Waterproof

  • Visually Stunning,

  • Beautiful Texture and Varied designs.

From the Birchware website:

●      NATURAL DISPOSABLE CUTLERY: Instead of getting boxes full of clear plastic cutlery that can hurt our ecosystem, invest in our wooden utensils that are 100% compostable. No need for a commercial composting facility because our utensils are able to biodegrade in your backyard compost bin in about 45 days!

●      FLATWARE FOR BIRTHDAY PARTIES & MORE: At any get-together you’re having, our wooden cutlery is the perfect alternative to plastic utensils or expensive silverware. Your guests will love our forks that are made from 100% natural birch wood. Whether you’re planning an outdoor picnic, participating in vendor events, or hosting a beach wedding, our cutlery is the perfect addition to any event!

●      THE BIRCHWARE DIFFERENCE: At Birchware, we have the highest standard of quality possible. All of our products are heat-tolerant (for cooking), FSC approved, and chemical-free. We don’t use any glues, glazes, or dyes on our products. Our utensils can handle any appetizer, meal, or dessert thrown at them! We offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you’re unhappy with your purchase.