Thank you to everyone who attended and contributed to Harvest Moon 2019!


Thank you to everyone who joined us this year for another amazing Harvest Moon!

Photos by ray + kelly photography.


Perfect weather, fantastic guests and delicious food! What a treat to have Sunborn Gardens adorn our table with their Wisconsin-grown flowers and for Point 5 band members to serenade us along the way!

Photos by ray + kelly photography


This slideshow says it all.


This year, 40 guests joined us on this beautiful fall day. We had the privilege of using Wilson Creek Pottery's wares for serving the main course and Mother Nature provided a total lunar eclipse that our guests witnessed around the bonfire. What an event!

You loooooves were amazing hosts!!!
We rated that in our top 100 amazing moments in life and felt lucky to have been a part of it! Thank you for doing what you do, we know it’s not easy, but WOW ...WOW....WOW! And, your beautiful staff...what a great group.
— Thank you so much~ Beth from Farmin' Betty's


John Heasley and his telescopes joined us this year for the dinner, along with Jack Whaley and his camera (see video below) and Ray + Kelly, our favorite photographers. We viewed the sun through a filter on the telescope and the full moon up close and personally. Aris Monki, a local artist/designer, created a fabric structure over our appetizer welcoming table. What a wealth of talent! We are blessed!

Video by Jack Whaley Music: 'Ballad of the Pines' by Jonathan Wilson 


By far our chilliest of Harvest Moon dinners, but the warmest day that October ever saw (lucky!) we forced 13 of our friends to join us around the table for an evening of memories! We had the privilege of featuring three honey combs for the welcoming course: our own Bergamot Lavender, Golden Rod and Buckwheat Wildflower!  We featured a beer from Furthermore called Fallen Apple with the soup course and later showcased that same beer in its distilled form which we called "The Spirit of Fallen Apple"-a one and only. Lots of help from Matt Peters on this event, thanks for taking good care of the Enos Crew!


The sumac gave inspiration to this year's Harvest Moon Dinner. It was our first with chickens on the scene so they got a lot of attention. The bees showed up to steal back their honey during the welcome course, luckily no guests were harmed during that process nor did they seem afraid. The lovely Carissa shot photos for this meal and captured the rouge theme we were going for! Super exciting for us was featuring our house made pickles and sausage in the Cassoulet for the main course. We were grateful to the group of Mineral Pointers and Spring Greeners who joined us and we ended the night chatting away like old friends with lots of hugs and thanks. This was a fun one!


Our first major event together and a true collaboration of friends. Four of us ventured into the woods to create a meal that brought friends new and old to the farm. We have come so far!